Change oil and filter

Manufacturers have a holding period recommended by the mark of 15,000 km, alternating a full review and a partial.

Partial only consist of changing filters, oil and grease, because of what is in this document is to perform an oil change and filter yourself at home and finally checking the 7.5 liters instead of 8 as we always throw at dealerships.

To make the change oil and filter need the following:

  • Oil – I persoanlly chose Castrol GTD Magnate 5W-40
  • Toyota original oil filter. Ref 9091530002 ($ 16.53 approx.)
  • Washer Carter Ref 9043012031 ($0.55 approx.).
  • Remove the filter wrench

Before starting the oil change operation, it should start the car for 10 minutes for the oil to reach a temperature, which will cause more fluid and exit more easily.

Once this is done, put the car on a flat surface and locate the drain plug from the sump.

It is situated in the center of the vehicle, just below the engine, and is easy to recognize because it has a few centimeters a piece of pipe that is where excessive oil would fall.

Place a container underneath with sufficient capacity to nearly 8 liters of oil, and with the help of a key loosen the screw gradually staying with the approximate strength for when we return to squeeze, first with the key to end the hand and catch it before it falls with the oil in the reservoir.

When finished dripping, the old washer is fully engaged in the crankcase. Do not think that is a metal and make force with a screwdriver and see as falling flash.

Another operation is to clean the screw impurities and especially mud may have stuck.

Clean the base of the casing and any possible oil slick well for us not deceive in the future and put the screw with a new washer, tightening it with the wrench, but be careful because we could pass the thread.

The next step is to change the oil filter

Locate in the left side (direction of travel) engine and foremost place a bowl on the floor more or less below the filter drops that may fall.

Helping key to remove filters, loosen the filter and unscrew by hand just careful not to force the screw.

We will see that some oil drops remaining in the filter, but the site where it is located is ready to collect large part of that oil.

Clean the surface thoroughly with paper towels to soak the oil and we screw the new filter, first by hand and if we cannot over with the key.

Your next step is to add the new oil.

As I said, we have used Castrol GTD Magnate 4W-40, which is packaged in bottles of 4L with a ruler on one side, with which you can easily know the amount you are adding.

Locate the top oil filler neck, unscrew on the cap and start the filling.

We’ll take 7.5 liters and we will check with the rod that is properly between the marks, neither above nor below.

We return to screw the cap firmly and have the car ready to run.

It is convenient to start it and walk around for at least 3 minutes for the oil to flow through the new filter.

Just start it you will turn the oil light but should go out in 1 second.

After these three minutes to check that there are no spills the lower screw or filter. If any will press more or see that is well screwed.

It is very useful thoroughly clean these areas with a cloth of any trace of oil, can confuse us in the future.

Oh, and most important of all, do not waste your used oil down the drain, carry it to a recycling center, nature will thank you.