Change the engine oil

As necessary as annoying. On a boat we cannot bend down and get under the crankcase as well do it in the car to remove the oil cap. We must therefore resort to other systems.

The hardest oil change on a boat is removing the old one. Very few boats which can be removed from the bottom of the crankcase, the oil drain plug as there is very little room to maneuver and put

A wrench to loosen the drain plug. Therefore the only solution is removed through a pump to absorb it.

There are some who say electric pumps to absorb the oil, but the two tested models purchased from commercial centers for the automotive no avail at all. The final instrument is the vacuum piston described in this article and can be found in specialty stores and will be amortized as soon as we made ​​three or four oil changes ourselves.

Warm up the engine

Before an oil change is necessary to heat the oil to decrease its viscosity and therefore becomes more “liquid”. You simply start the engine at idle for fifteen minutes.

The tube or cannula that will absorb the oil to be introduced through the tube holding the dipstick oil level. After removing the thin rod introduce the extraction tube is made ​​of a fairly rigid plastic for entering the hole in the rod, you will be directed to the bottom of the crankcase.

A brand with duct tape lets us know how much length cannula has entered the engine.

It is important to check that this stays down without breaking up.

Now we connect the other end of the tube to the extraction tank consisting of a cylinder in which a manual pump evacuates and thus ensures the absorption of the oil.

Remove the used oil

To empty the cylinder must hold their feet while we activate the plunger several times to remove air from the interior. We ensure the tightness of the connection of the cannula with the deposit to avoid losing vacuum.

We’ll see how the oil is going up slowly but continuously the tube and slowly tank is filled with old black oil. The absorption process can take 5 or 10 minutes.

The process is very clean since nothing is stain not be necessary to remove any plugs or use trays to collect the used oil. Everything is in the tank. But be careful to not fall off the tank, in which case it could open, which would result in a perfect mess!

Logically used oil must be emptied into a collecting tank and used oil should normally be available at any marina.

Change the oil filter

When changing the oil, it is not more change the filter should be replaced at least every two or three oil changes. Once the crankcase drain must unscrew the filter and for that there are some special keys that will embrace for unscrewing.

The first thing is to try to loosen it with your hands. To do seek a position to force us to do. We will hold it with both hands. The filter should be clean and dry our hands so that we cannot drain. In many cases this will yield to our strength and we can finish out without resort to any special key.

If it is impossible we should think of the tools designed to unscrew the filter. They have a plate shape and other are formed by a clamp or chain tightens and strangles the filter in order to unscrew. In extreme case we can puncture and pierce the filter with a couple of screwdrivers, to rotate, since once removed will be replaced by a new one. But remember the reference point of the filter and find a new one identical to the previous one before the old mess!

Nothing remove the filter, we must put a tray to collect the fine old will drip oil. In our case we had better seamlessly wrap a “Donuts”.

Half an hour later it will already be drained to the last drop of oil burned.

After removing the filter, we will put it in a plastic bag inside as much oil is dirty. Let the engine spit the rest of the oil used by the filter thread waiting for a half an hour it.

The new filter offers a rubber gasket to be smeared with clean oil before being threaded to the motor. Tighten the filter by hand so strong but without the use of tools. Not good tighten up to extreme limits.

Finally, we will use a funnel to get the gallons of oil that the manufacturer advises for your engine. Please watch the filling level with the dipstick and try not to spend the average level for putting too much oil in the crankcase is not advisable.