Changing the oil in a Dodge Caliber

Change the oil in your Dodge Caliber regularly will help to prolong the life of the engine and maintain high performance. When you buy the oil and filter replacement, double check your owner’s manual to be sure you will use an acceptable oil. Until 2010, Dodge recommends that oil replacement for the Dodge Caliber material meets the standards Chrysler MS-6395.

  1. Has all the tools and accessories you need, before changing the oil. Once the oil has drained you cannot start the car until the oil change is over.
  2. Find a safe place to perform an oil change. A location that is level with a firm surface would be ideal. Make sure there is sufficient space to work around the car.
  3. Activate the parking brake of the car. Make sure you have enough room to work under the vehicle.
  4. Place the supports for the car to be supported flat on the floor and grip the frame of the car. You may need to raise or lower the car for proper contact between the support and the frame.
  5. Locate the oil drain plug at the bottom of the engine.
  6. Place a container beneath the drain. Make sure the container is large enough to hold all the oil in the engine.
  7. Remove the drain plug with adjustable wrench. Let the oil drain until the flow stops.
  8. Replace the plug and tighten it with the wrench.
  9. Remove the container of used oil and place under the oil filter.
  10. Remove the old filter with the oil filter wrench. This filter is full of oil, so carefully place it in the container of used oil and leave it to be emptied.
  11. Place the new filter. And adjusted by hand clockwise. With filter wrench approximately 1/4 I set it back.
  12. Remove the oil container, tools, accessories and brackets used to jack under the car.
  13. Lower the car to the ground with the jack.
  14. Pop the hood of the car and locate the oil cap placed. It is located in the valve cover. Remove the oil cap.
  15. Check your owner’s manual to determine the exact amount of oil that needs your Dodge Caliber. Add the new oil using the funnel.
  16. Check the engine oil level. Make sure the oil level is within the recommended area.
  17. Discard the used oil and filter according to local laws.