Changing the oil in your car in seven steps

You have to take into account that the oil change is one of the most important things you can do for the welfare of your car, as it helps to better engine performance and allows it to behave smoothly and last longer.

If you want to save a few euros you can change your own oil in your car.

First of all you must know that the old oil clogs the critical parts of your vehicle and could eventually cause a major engine failure, the repair could cost a lot of money. It is definitely one of the keys to car maintenance.

The first thing is to check the car manual to see how often you have to change the oil. Most often it oscillates depending on the model and brand between 4500-9000 kilometers. It is important not be in that range, since the oil is too viscous and would not fulfill its function lubrication.

What I need?

  • Bottle of oil (in this article we explain how to choose the best oil for your car).
  • Oil filter.
  • Magnetized screw for casing (optional).
  • Wrench or English.
  • Funnel

The steps you have to follow to change the oil are:


Do not change the oil after using the car because the oil temperature can be very dangerous. The car oil change is best tempered so you can start the car and 5 minutes after the operation can begin.

Raise the car

So you can change your oil is necessary to raise the car so the easiest thing is to put a couple of portable ramps on a raised surface. It is very important to set the parking brake, stop the engine and leave the car at first. For your safety, place a wedge brake on the rear wheels.

Locate the screw crankcase

The next step once you secures the car is secured and stable is slide underneath the car and locate the oil drain plug on the engine. Check the manual of your car and know where your model lies in the drain plug, then place the oil catcher just below.

Unscrews the screw

Cerci Onate the engine is not hot, then loosen the plug with a wrench, or failing that, with a spanner until you can remove by hand, and do not panic with the amount of oil that will flow out of the crankcase.

Change the filter

oil filter car Then you get to change the oil filter so goes the hood, look at the car to locate manually, take the new filter and lubricate the rubber seal with a thin layer of oil to help protect it.

Fill the engine with oil

Now comes the easy part and that is to fill the oil tank located on top of the engine. Confirmed in the operating instructions and the capacity of the oil with the help of a funnel, pour the oil in the engine, but not all at once. Slowly and always checking the oil level.

Car oil dipstick to measure the level, locates the rod which is housed in the engine, usually of yellow color. It should be cleaned and re-enter to know where exactly level mark.

Check plugs

Make sure you’ve closed all plugs and check for anything drip under the car. Remember that the used oil is highly toxic to the environment so we recommend that you take it to a workshop for recycling.

Other tips

We recommend the use of a wrench instead of a wrench. You may use the latter to damage the screw and then cannot put, or worse, remove it.

Magnetic plug carter it would be interesting, at this point incorporating a magnetized screw. In the lower area of the engine waste accumulate. If they circulate through the engine, depending on the size of the metal chips, it could cause serious problems. This sump magnetic plug the trap and not allow them to move through the circuits, so it will keep oil cleaner and your engine will always be in perfect condition