Getting the oil stove and walls

One of the challenges to clean the kitchen is to remove grease, food and oil stove area without damage painted, glazed surfaces or special stoves. By using products that help dissolve the oil no longer scratch the stove and do not affect the finish of the walls have a safe way to clean the kitchen. Learn how to get your oil stove and walls to remove stains and debris thoroughly, without damaging the surfaces.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of borax and 1 teaspoon of dish soap with half gallon (2.2 liters) of warm water in a bucket. Test the mixture on a discrete area of ​​the wall to make sure it does not affect the paint finish or color.
  2. Wash the wall with a non-abrasive sponge to remove the oil. Alternatively, use 1 teaspoon oil soap in 1 quart (1.1 L) of warm water to clean the oil from the timber walls or panels. Clean the walls with warm water to remove any residue.
  3. Open the windows and check that the oven and burners are off. Removing the covers of the burners if they have them. Burner plates soak in a sink with hot water and a squirt of dish soap.
  4. Apply the cleaner orange rag and rub on the stove. Orange leaves cleaner for 15 minutes to give it time to dissolve the oil. Clean the heater with a cloth. Use a non-abrasive pad on difficult grease stains and splatters. Rub making a soft circular motion.
  5. Lift the lid of the stove carefully, if the type can lift and clean food spills or oil residue with a damp cloth with soapy water. Hold the lid firmly with one hand to keep it from falling in your hand while cleaning the stove. Place the top of the stove to its original position.
  6. Remove food debris and oil with a small amount of the size of a quarter of a washing powder that will not scratch with sodium bicarbonate so mild abrasive. Use only non-abrasive cleaners on a stove that has glass top or a smooth surface. More cleaner applied to a smooth orange oven to remove the stuck oil.
  7. Clean the stove with water to remove product residue. Dry plates stove burner if you have them and change them.