How and when to change the oil in your car

To keep your car running at its best, it is important to know how and when to change the oil in your car, since oil deteriorates over time and the filter is blocked with contaminants. This process depends on your driving habits and vehicle type.

When analyzing when to change the oil in the car, the most important thing is to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer of our vehicle. It may be that the car takes a long period of time with the same and has been used recently; in this case, no matter. You better change the oil so the deterioration that has suffered in the crankcase at a standstill, such as the engine starts in cold car. It is convenient to know that the engine oil suffers more if you make many short trips in the day if you make a long journey by road.

If the oil with which we drive is not in good condition we can cause premature wear of the drive. Symptoms usually high oil consumption, and then it’s too late; however, in no case should exceed 30,000 km with the same oil, of whatever kind.

How to change the oil or crankcase?

It is important to know that if we change the oil in winter is convenient to put the engine a little early to raise the temperature of the car and the oil flow well.

The way to change the oil in the car depend on the design of the casing.

Change the oil in your car yourself

It is best to do an oil change in a workshop, but is a practice that can also do it yourself, you only need to do it very carefully and responsibly with the environment, recycling used oil our car.

First of all, prepare the material you need: adjustable wrench for oil filter (metal tape), spanners two plastic drums where we will take the oil, a funnel, the necessary oil for our car and the new oil filter we go to market.

Remember that the car must always be parked on flat, never on a slope or a slope, and you might have problems.

Now, you must follow these steps:

  1. Remove the covers that protect the underbody, if the change will not be done by aspiration.
  2. You’ll find the cap by changing the oil in the bottom of the rear of the engine. Do not forget to place a container to collect the old oil in your car and remove the filter with the aid of a metal key before opening.
  3. When you drain the filter, remove the lower oil plug that will fall into the drum. For better and faster extraction, you should also unscrew the top of the oil filler cap.
  4. After letting out all the oil for a few minutes, put the new oil filter and replace the cap where we emptied the oil.
  5. It is not mandatory, but strongly recommended to replace the washer screw that comes with oil, provided that we have.
  6. Proceed to fill the car with the new oil-better helping embody-, gradually checking the level with the dipstick.
  7. Replace the bottom protective casing.

It is very important that when you have made the switch from oil, collect the old and take it to a shop or a recycling center. Do not forget that this is a highly polluting waste.