How do I change the oil filter of a Ford Fusion?

Change the oil is part of the routine maintenance suggested for your Ford Fusion, and change the filter oil is an integral part of the oil change. The filter traps waste oil, keeping it clean and ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. If the filter is not changed, it will begin to clog and no oil filter properly, so you should do with every oil change.

  1. Raise the front end of your Ford
  2. Locate the oil filter in the front of the engine above the protective plastic cover.
  3. Remove the two screws (if any) and the filter cover.
  4. Loosen the drain plug from the filter. Use a wrench to rotate cup style.
  5. Remove the cap. Drain the engine oil on a tray.
  6. Remove and discard the washer that seals the cap, filter cover and the filter.
  7. Pascale a damp cloth to the mounting surface and clean the filter cover.
  8. Lubricate the washer that seals the filter with new oil and place.
  9. Install the new filter and the cover.
  10. Lubricate the washer drain plug which seals it with new oil and place.
  11. Install drain plug and tighten it.
  12. Place the two screws (if any) and the filter cover.
  13. Place the jack under the car, then lower the car to the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • No other adjustments the filter or the drain plug as you can cause oil leaks.